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More Before & After Pics


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Thanks for sharing those photos. How about a shot of what you recovered if you don't mind me asking? You young guys can move some dirt.

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The pictures of before and after is very deceptive,work done last year was 75 percent washed away. It looked like most of my stacking was many years old. Goes to show that if you think a spot was never worked a few good floods would trick even seasoned miners.

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Let's see if my calculator is right.....if gold is $1600.00 oz and you ran 73 ( :sickbyc: ) buckets that's $3.52 per bucket.....

Expenses.....gasoline.....food....Ben Gay for sore muscles.....beer

For me, does Medicare pay for MediFlights?

The gold is beautiful but you guys sure earn every flake......thanks for the pics

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I am doing well Adam. Thanks for asking. And thanks for taking the time to post the results pic. Nice work and nice gold! If this was only about the $$$ nione oif us would do it.

Stan . How are ya?

In the last pic with the stone house, I ran 73 buckets total from that spot. I recovered just over 5 grams.


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Great job ... more work than I can do though as I still after all these years can't seem to find a #2 shovel that has the correct handle to fit my hands! Oh well ... maybe next lifetime! :old:

Mike F

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