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Mining Journal or GQ magazine


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Opened up the mining journal today and saw a feller in a photo I recognized....ear to ear grin and a ham at that and I thought wait a minute did they send me the wrong magazine ?? So I flipped back to the cover an sure enough, it's the mining journal alright. I thought for a minute I had received GQ magazine by accident. Great photo of our very own ____________!!! :inocent: Congratulations buddy!!

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I always send in a number of pictures with each article but don't have any idea which ones they'll use. So I was happy to see they used that one with Steve and Bob. It's one of my favorites. If they keep publishing my articles I'm sure there'll be plenty more with them. Now they just need to find some more honkin nugs!

Thanks for the compliments on the article as well.

Mike Greyshock

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Move over El Dorado?? Steve, it looks like you got some competition in this month's ICMJ. That's right, my son Jeffrey has single handedly taken you on by getting on the cover, inside pictures and even in the Fisher ad... all in the same Month! I guess being replaced by a younger, fresher face was inevitable so don't take it too hard. And yes, I was more way more excited to see Jeffrey's pictures than if they had published one with me in it. At least now this kid will always know where his roots are. Fantaaaaaastic!!!

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The mods were the first thing I noticed. Looks like a good idea. I need to borrow that kid for a bit ,I have a brush patch that needs detecting and I think he would fit through it.

The Journal also had a picture of my cousin in it. I am glad that looks aren't hereditary as I am quite handsome. I have known that stretch of river since I could walk.

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