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Any idea what this might be?

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I found this rock by the river in northern California. It is very light, no traces of metal (doesn't stick to a magnet anyway). It's very glassy on the inside but dull on the outside. Any takers on what it is? I tried to find something similar to it on google, closest thing I could find was a lightning-struck rock called a fulgurite. Could this be a fulgurite, or just volcanic rock? I can see that it is very black in some parts, almost looks like fusion crust like a meteorite would have (but again, there's no iron/nickel in it). I appreciate any of your thoughts!







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Thanks guys! I did some research on the minerals you mentioned and I think it is a form of jade after all. It must have had an encounter with a volcano in the past since the top side of it is super blackened and the inside is glassy. Thanks again. : )

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Oh really? Yeah it is super light! About the same weight as a nickel, maybe lighter. I tried to burn it, didn't do anything to it, tried to cut it, didn't do anything. It's a tough little thing.

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For comparison jadeite is about 30% heaver than granite of the same size. Nephrite is only 13% heavier than granite. So if your piece noticeably lighter than a piece of granite of the same size then it is probably something else. I also don’t think it would be olivine which in gem form is called Peridot. Peridot is at least as heavy as jadeite if not heavier.

Melted glass would be my primary guess but glass is not light unless it has a lot of trapped air bubbles. Can you look at it under magnification and see any air bubbles? Back lighting the piece may also help when you are look at it through a loupe or magnifying glass.

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