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Sex change for a 10-22

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Picked up this little pink Ruger 10-22 awhile back. post-227-0-59924500-1364683488_thumb.jpgGot to looking around and found a mint near new Elysium 16 1/2" .920 bull barrel in black.Then I have been watching e-bay for a nice stock, didn't find anything that appealed to me so I kept looking. Went to a gun show the other day and found a Ruger Carbine stock with the barrel band. After looking at it I thought that there appeared to be nice wood grain under all that dark walnut stain they put on these things, so I gave the guy $25.00 for it. When I got home I was anxious to start stripping it and found what appeared to be Curley Maple under the factory finish.post-227-0-41217100-1364691649_thumb.jpg WOW what a suprise. Got it completely stripped and sanded and shortened it by cutting the front end off just behing the barrel band and reshaped that and then had to cut a bunch more of the barrel channel down to accept the bull barrel and now that is free floating. Hand rubbed a few coats of Ballistol into the stripped stock . Put it all togeather, installed a bi-pod and topped it with a cheap Simmons 3-9x40 that I had setting around. Now it looks like my little girl gun has been transformed into a big boy gun.post-227-0-88786800-1364683512_thumb.jpg

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