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Underflow sluice box


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Hi guys and gals, just been recently retired by Obama's :grr01: wonderful economic policies? Anyway have a little time to do some prospecting. Have a Tesoro Lobo metal detector. Have not used that any while. Join the GPAA a few years back, have not done much prospecting, kind of a newbie.

Have a question on a new sluice box. It is called the underflow sluice box. Just wonder if anybody has heard of it, or own one of these. They have a bunch of videos at this website. Looks pretty interesting. Like I said I am pretty new at this.

grumpyprospector.com If anybody has any information or input on this sluice any answers would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to meeting some of you folks out in the field in the near future?

See you later Jerry, aka D Dog
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Make your own ez to do,based on my over/under dredge boxes we at PESCO introduced back in the late 70s,now industry standard. Scalp fines from bank run materials and eliminates manual classification and you run more,get more with less labor. Nuttn' to it really-just a punchplate section connected to a solid alum plate with riffles or expanded metel underneath. 100 of ez to do configurations.Go to keene website and look at their YUCK 3 way dredge for general mechanics and good to go-John

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ddog: I've seen the youtube vid's ur talking about....basically a refinement of the drop riffle sluice made by Ca. sluice co. and angus McKirk.

I have used the 14" wide drop riffle box for a couple of seasons set up as a highbanker and it does get most of the fine>very fine gold... you have to

run the water flow at a reasonable rate and keep the slope flatter than you would with a typical raised riffle box. It's nice because no carpet to

clean... values are in the drop riffles so a good shake into a cleanout tub does the job. HJ and AuS thot you were asking about the multi-layer

classification screening as used on Keene dredges as shown by the link provided. Haven't used the grumpy model so don't exactly know about it.


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