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Fox Creek Gold Quest

Uncle Ron

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Yo All ...In 1979, I made a discovery on Fox Creek, a tributary of the Scott River in Northern CA ... I brought in a couple friends and we started sniping the bedrock .. Turned out there was virtually no overburden and we just fanned the cracks ... The bedrock was darn near paved with pennyweight nuggets ... The first day we pulled 11 ounces, laying on our bellies in a foot of water, plucking nuggets with our fingers and a screwdriver ... Within a couple days we brought in my 4" Keene dredge and really hit it, but I've never had a day as fun as that first one ... Here's a video that a friend of mine recently made of

... Cheers, Unc
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In dayz of old when we were young and bold that gold was everywhere for those with the testiculiar fortitude to attack,work and suffer through the hardships. It sure was a better world. I've seen dozens of spots EXACTLY like this and 1 on a claim of mine too but 1,000++ foot cliff steals a little of it every year. Thanx much for a glimpse back to a much better era BUT SHOW ME THE GOLD????John

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