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Recirculating Cleanup Sluice


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Has anyone here built a recirculating sluice from 4X4 vinyl fence post? I am going to build one using 4X4 vinyl fence post, ribbed rubber matting (the shallow stuff), and a 1200 gph bilge pump. I plan on it being 3-4 ft. long. I am looking for any advice on this build even if your sluice was made entirely different. I plan to run my concentrates that have already been run through my large sluice and classified through window screen size mesh. Thanks in advance for any input.

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Yes I've seen cleanup sluice built from the PVC post before, it's no different from the PVC "gutter" sluices being sold or build, one such gutter sluice is the GPAA's Tom and Perry's cleanup sluice, see the following link, also notice that it has a baffle/shield (with Tom and Perry's picture on it) in front of where the water enters the sluice to decrease water turbulence/smooth out the water flow.



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A painter paint seive sac is required to keep the pump from being eaten up and a few drops of jet dry to reduce any suds. For cons only right as if raw materials you need a dual bucket system-Only thang is when using ribbed matting flat thin flake flip flop right on down so you want the absolute deepest V possible with the widest spacing between the V as possible for best recovery. Screen to at least 50 mesh before running-John

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Not a homemade deal but the Bucket Sluice works great as a clean up slice. It's a drop riffle sluice and I usuallly classify to 30, 50 and 100 mesh and run each size separately. It will catch some really fine (-100) stuff. You have to adjust the water flow to run the smaller sized stuff. Easy to use and make a recirc unit out of 2 five gal buckets. I use a 1000 GPH pump with a valve to adjust flow. It will work with a garden hose if you have pretty good water pressure at home. I am not associated in anyway, just a satisfied user.

Edit: Def use JetDry

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