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I've been reading through this site for a few weeks and decided it was time to say HEY. I started young, back in the 70's metal detecting and then the price of gold broke 800 an ounce and me and a friend of mine bought gold pans and headed for the hills of northern Utah, we didn't find a thing but had a bunch of fun trying. When I joined the Marines in 83 I put the pans away and didn't get them out again for 30 yrs. There are plenty of areas to prospect here in Utah and now that I'm older and wiser I have found some powder gold in the creeks around the Cache Valley and hope to find a whole lot more in the future.

Keep diggin,

Paul :thumbsupanim

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hey welcome finding the utah gold is part of the fun ... have you tried out by the gold spike area its dry but i hear in the past people have found some around there . just a thought ....have you joined any clubs here in utah? there are 2 i know of, one up north and one in slc both are good and i think the cost to join is like 25 bucks and it gives you land that has gold on it but truly there is nothing like reading old claims at the blm and then finding it good luck and get ya some

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Thanks for all the welcomes everyone, grim1: I haven't prospected out by golden spike but I have looked around out on the Raft Rivers.

I've been huntin mule deer and elk sheds lately, now that its warming up a little let the prospecting begin. Going out to the Willard area tomorrow to look for the yellow metal.


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