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Truck wash gives some up


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Hey all:
Dad and I were able to get out to do some detecting today. It was a great day, good weather and the good Lord blessed us again!
Went to the top of Truck wash via backwards wash....not to be confused with owl wash.......

I hiked over the hill from backwards to truck and within 5 mins......got a hit. Its the one in the bedrock with the screwdriver. Started working down the wash and was popping nuggets. Got to the area I had detected before and called it quits there. Hiked back to Backwards wash and decided to do some patch hunting. I started by detecting the banks and lo and behold I was getting all the little nugs about 3-4 feet up from the wash.

I know it was not blown up there as it is a very small wash. About 1 1/2 foot wide and most of the time it just looks like a depression. Must have happened in the dinasoar days. I detected farther up the hills and didnt find anything.

Got about 5 nugs out of that area and worked down the wash all the time working the banks. I was able to get two more in the lower end.

6.3 grams total.

It was a great day out to be detecting!

P.S....if one of the moderators would mail me I will send pics to be attatched.

Tom H.





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Great job Tom!!!

As an experiment see if you can attach the pictures in PM to me here on the forum, if you seem too have the same issues of not being able too attach them you can send them to me via email at..... den7cubs "at" hargray.com ....(replace "at" with @)

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