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Found some quartz today that gave a nice signal all along the stringers. I did't have any tools for "hard rock", so it's still there untouched.

Any suggestions on how to get it loosened up?

By the way, the pics are from my camera, not cell phone. I learned that trick from you guys......lol

Patrick .....





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rock chisel and hammer to start with, air compressor and jack hammer. Can't you do anything easy? Spend 4 years looking for a nugget w/ a TDI, then get a Minelab and find a vein. What are we gonna do with you? Good Luck!

No reading from the surrounding bedrock?


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I would use Silent explosive.

Crackamite or Dexpan!

Both will give you 20lb sample to play with just for shipping free.

All you have to do is use a hammer drill to make some 1" bore holes down and cut a wedge out of the rock.

Crackamite sent me a 20lb sample free and I think shipping was like $12.00.

I still have a Coffee can of the stuff some place around here.

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Shep, you gave me very explicit instructions on what you wanted me to do before you got here: "Find an area with good gold, shade tree's, and wild women"......Well maybe I've found some gold, and wild women aren't a problem here in Lake Havasu, but the shade tree's are the real challenge.

Yes, I did get signals on the bedrock, but when I cleaned the area thoroughly, I didn't find anything? Perhaps all of the signals are coming from inside the rock? Hot rock??

Anyway, be sure to bring all the necessary tool's you and Tommy will need. "My location, your labor"...... :yesss:

Patrick .....

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OK! No Crackomite.

How about a plain ol Star Drill and hammer.

Time Time Time and more Time but you can get there.

Place a Rage or sheet under the Work and you may find the target.

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Well..go back in and take all the stuff Shep said...along with zip lock bags..

Pack it out....smash it with a hammer and pan it out...

After you dig out the bedrock...try detecting it again and see what the signal says.

Ive hit hot bedrock before and as you dig it out it gets weaker.

Tom H.

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A gad or long heavy chisel and a 4 pound hammer will handle that rock

It is already fractured just follow the cracks and pop the chunks out.

First I would check the bedrock out away from the quartz for signals. That

type of rock can give false signals with a 2200. Panning the dirt a little down

stream of the quartz would be a good idea too. I would darn sure check it out

at any rate, it looks interesting.

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Quartz? I would have never thought that was quartz. hmmmmmm!!!! I guess it's the camera..Gray quartz?????

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I also see several white quartz stringers. The host rock looks good too.

Quartz can come in lots of colors too,and even grey. Actually I would prefer

that the quartz in a stringer had a little coloring to it . Some of my best gold

has came out of a smokey grey,or rose quartz.

Pure quartz is clear,and it can change color due to the minerals it is associated

with as it forms.

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If you are using a 2200...did you get a sharp signal or a wider signal? Did you try to Gb over it? When you raised the coil up 4-6 inches did the signal disapear or get weaker and weaker?

The 2200 will not detect very tiny gold ...nor can you gb over a nugget if you move the coil past the area and back again...I doubt you could gb right over the target...

a metallic target signal will deminish with distance until you are beyond range..hot rock will usually lose the signal very close to the source...


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Thank's guys. I was picturing something in my brain as being much broader. But I guess veins come in all forms.

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That does look like a GB2 situation ... If the gold is near the surface, switch to disc and whip it over a few times ... That should reveal whether it's gold or mineralization ... Cheers, Unc

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Still unsure to this day. We've convinced ourselves it was a bullet. However, it could have been native lead.

Just was no way we could see a bullet getting that deep into solid quartz without being completely fragged.

Frustrating to say the least.

This was in the north side of Bulldog Mine. Known for gold in that area.

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Here's my opinion. Unlikely you have a gold stringer in that granite. Unless it is in the little quartz stringers in the granite. What I do see is an enormous contact zone. You have granite in the front and it looks like iron stained quartz in the background. I would work that gully behind the granite reef and work the side of that ridge behind and to the left of the granite.

More than likely you have a hot pocket of iron strung throughout that granite. As you start breaking that granite apart, put it in a pile, and check the pile of rocks, if it starts sounding like the granite reef, pretty sure it's hot mineralization,

Remember if that is a stringer of gold in the reef it is going to sound very sharp. A WEE WOO with a sharp tight start to the sound and a sharp tight finish. If you are hearing WEEEEE WOO WEEEEE WOO, with the target sound sounding soft mushy and sort of lingering on the start and finish, it is more likely to be mineralization.

Now let me qualify this by saying I have been to a place outside of Prescott Valley in Arizona, where you actually will find pieces of gold not in the granite, but actually formed in those little quartz stringers in the granite. Good luck. I think there is a 75% chance there is gold in the immediate area, just not so sure it is in that granite reef.



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