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Info about Renewable Energy Efforts in CA & NV

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I guess ole Ken Salazar is throwing out all he can before he steps down at the end of the month, just what we need more renewable power producing faculties that most likely will need to be bailed out sooner than later !!

He is still stepping down isn't he, sure doesn't look like it???

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I don’t know if he is going or staying. I was able for better or worst's requested the following into from the USDA Forest Service subscriptions:

You subscribed to topics:

  • Birch Creek Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog Restoration
  • Huntington Basin Project
  • Land and Resource Management Plan Revision
  • Scenic Loop OSV/OHV Staging Areas
  • Shady Rest OHV/OSV Staging Area

You subscribed to categories:

  • Forest Products (Sequoia National Forest)
  • Fuels Management (Sequoia National Forest)
  • Fuels management (Sierra National Forest)
  • High Sierra Ranger District (High Sierra Ranger District)
  • Hume Lake Ranger District (Hume Lake Ranger District)
  • Inyo National Forest
  • Inyo National Forest All Units (Inyo National Forest)
  • Kern River Ranger District (Sequoia National Forest)
  • Land management planning (Inyo National Forest)
  • Land Management Planning (Sequoia National Forest)
  • Mammoth Ranger District (Mammoth Ranger District)
  • Nepa Projects (Inyo National Forest)
  • NEPA Projects (Sequoia National Forest)
  • Nepa Projects (Sierra National Forest)
  • Projects by Management Unit (Inyo National Forest)
  • Projects By Management Unit (Sierra National Forest)
  • Projects By Purpose (Inyo National Forest)
  • Projects By Purpose (Sierra National Forest)
  • Recreation management (Inyo National Forest)
  • Sequoia National Forest
  • Sequoia National Forest All Units (Sequoia National Forest)
  • Sierra National Forest
  • Special Area Management (Sequoia National Forest)
  • Vegetation management (other than forest products) (Sierra
    National Forest)
  • Vegetation Management (Sequoia National Forest)
  • White Mountain Ranger District (White
    Mountain Ranger District)
  • Wildlife, Fish, Rare plants (Inyo National Forest)

And the U.S. Department of the Interior subscriptions:

You subscribed to topics:

  • America’s Great Outdoors Tumblr updates
  • Climate Change updates
  • General Updates
  • Native American Nations updates
  • Press Releases
  • Renewable Energy updates
  • Sign up form
  • Water Challenges updates

I no idea (or why I did this) what this will buy me other than a lot of e-mails from these guys plus a couple of other US Departments.

:grr01: :grr01: :grr01: :grr01: :grr01: :grr01: :ROFL:

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