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A Few Spring Nuggets

frank c

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Whew !! it got hot out there the past few days diggin them holes.

Sunburn an sweat.

These are from Febuary and up to yesterday.

GP 3500 with NFSL 16RM and NFRM 10 inch ol fiberglass a real GREAT ol coil fer them dinkers.

5.5 Pennyweights Thats just over a quater oz. Ifn yer not familiar with DWT.

Or 8.5 Grams

Spring might just be gone if it keeps gettin hotter.

I am missing those 50 degree days in Febuary.

Hapy Huntn an Good Luck Yaalll


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Nice collection of nuggies, Frank ... Getting that time of year here in the big AZ ...Cheers, Unc

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Know what you mean about the temps. It was 30 or 40F here down to 20F at nights. Now it's 75F easy and it happened too fast.

No time to get Use to it.

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Ol Lady says...so Bucket...what ya doin? ahh.. just sitting here complimenting Frank on his beautiful nuggets. :brows::idunno::tisk-tisk::shhhhh::inocent:

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