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CTX30-30 problem??????

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Was out using it yesterday and didn't think a downloaded discrimination mode was correct so I went or tried to go to XChange2 on puter, duh! it was on old computer and that was cleared. Have torn my shop apart, office in the house, chkd all my folders and cannot find disk to reload the CTX30-30 disk and use the XChange2 program. Is it downloadable anywhere?

Thanks, Shep

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I'm practicing in my yard. Home is 60+ years old, an old eccentric (sp?) owned the place (God love his soul!). Mostly found (dug) flash bulb bases,batteries, lightbulb bases, nails, pull tabs, empty 30-06 shells, can lids ect ect. Oldest coins so far are mid 70's and pennies and dimes at that; but give me a break! I'm learning this machine! It's picking up stuff all my other machines missed! I'm loving it!


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I am liking my new ctx3030 that I bought from Bill...it is a lot of machine to put in the hands of this idiot...but, nonetheless, it has pulled some silver and other goodies from one of my favorite parks...and I am still in the factory preset modes...

Be prepared to have the manuals printed if you lack an ipad or similar device...or if you prefer paper like I do,,,


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