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Filing a Change of address?

Steel Pan

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Goin' to be moving in a few months and could use some info.

Is there a form for change of address for claim holders? :idunno:

I haven't been able to find one on a gov't site.

If no form, can I just contact BLM in Sac, Kalif.? :89:

Of course I'll need to contact the county too but that one is easy.

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Unless the state statute where you claim is located has a requirement to file a "change of address", there is no federal requirement to do so...

except all future required filings per 43 CFR § 3833.0-5 (e) “…The name of the owner and his or her current address shall be identified on all instruments required to be recorded or filed by the regulations in this subpart.”

Note it on one of your annual filings, small miners waiver (free) or proof of labor ($10.00) and you're good to go!

Ron in WA

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Annual filing works fine for me as I use a po box anyhow as toooooo many folks just go to the county to look ya up,show up on my claims to MEET ME :evil1: and they make good targets though as I coveth my privacy-John :4chsmu1:

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