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I'm seein' a formable fabric like fibreglass, but without the fumes.

If ya could get the material alone in rolls, sheets, or flatfold like bolts, that would be cool.

I wouldn't patch my Vette with it, but i sure could come up with a wookshop, or a dog house, or a ATV shed, or a cast if ya break your leg, or a,...., :89:

I bet you could replace those "Tin" sheds for a lot less money. :brows:

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That is pretty neat, these seems to have been invented in 2007 and maybe making a comeback because of the many reasons, natural disasters, survivalists/preppers, etc. but unfortunately as a structure/building they only have a lifespan of around 10 years, and I can't find any pricing info or international vendors without contacting the company, but I'm guessing it's not cheap and also since this is a company in the UK the shipping as Don pointed out would kill you and wouldn't be that cheap even if it was a company here in the USA, they have a whole list of possible uses for this concrete canvas, ditch lining, boat ramp extensions, cladding, cable coverings, the list goes on and on, and yes uses in mining as well.


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Just talked to my kid in NC.

Seems the Army has had these for a few Years now.

ParaPack Deployable, A few Grunts and it's up!

Not Bullet Proof but sound and contained.

I wonder how long this has been in the making?

Again so Simple it make ya think.

They even have a Over Pressure Filter to keep out the Cooties!

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