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G'Day All

I received this email yesterday apparently he saw our forum and reached out to me. And Bill, if it doesn't fit in with protocol, please delete it. I'm a little under the gun at the moment, that's why I've been a little absent on the forum. But I just thought there's a lot of keen people out there that might want to take this opportunity on. I would gladly assist with information necessary to get things right in regards to meteorites. But I'm afraid that's as far as you go, the editors and producers have the last say.

So I'll post the email and if anybody's interested, PM me and I'll get you the contact numbers and email address.



Good Afternoon,

My name is Kevin Spillyards. I'm a development associate with Glassman Media working on a new 8-episode series for a cable network on desert life in the Death Valley and Mojave Desert area. Your name came up in my research, and I looked through Meteorite Junction and thought I'd reach out to you.
We are hoping to feature a variety of men and women who work or reside in or around the area, from rock hounds to miners to claim jumpers, and I'm very interested in bringing in a meteorite hunting aspect.
I was wondering if the project sounds like something you are interested in, or if not you personally, if you knew or had worked with anyone who might be. At this point, I'm looking for people who are passionate about what they do, interested in showcasing it, and are colorful individuals.
I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kevin Spillyards

Development Associate


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