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I wonder what these ATV tires will cost

lotsa luck

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They will likely be pricey....but....

Looks great! I hope they test them in the desert in the middle of the summer when it's 125 degrees outside and 140 + on the ground!


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Okay....who like to guess or bet???

I am guessing these things are going to cost $999 per set.

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What about sand, mud or snow getting in the tire. Would through them horribly out of balance, whitch is hard on other parts of the rig. Not to mention they will be more prone to burry themselves. You won't get that flotation factor. Look good for general desert use though.

I'm taking the over on $999

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Aren't those tires being used on the moon or Mars some place? Do you have to get someone from NASA to fix them? Who said the space program was a waste of money?


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