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Between Seligman & Ash Fork, AZ

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Howdy guys,

I know a lot of you are familiar with AZ. So, wanted to ask if anyone had done any nugget shooting in the mountains between Seligman & Ash Fork on the south side of hwy 40. I'm not familiar with the area at all, but discovered a friend of mine has a 60 acre parcel of land. He said nothing has ever been on the land and it has been in his family for over 100 years. Said I could go nugget shoot and prospect as much as I want. Since this is a long drive for me and would require at minimum a over night stay, I would like to know something about the area. I'd be interested in any input.


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Did you find any gold while you were building that road? Bill told us a story that when they were building I-10 there were guys all around Q trying to hunt the piles.


When I drove through Seligman in January I came across one of the best radio stations I have ever heard. It was something like Happy Oldies but I just started tapping the car steering wheel and enjoyed the ride. I think it is 103.3 FM.

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is a link that list the mines in Coconino County...

http://www.topozone.com/states/Arizona.asp?county=Coconino&feature=Mine. Maybe you can cross reference the names with mindat to find out the minerals being sought after?


Good luck hunting and keep us up to date,

More Au to you, Robert

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Lots of old Az history in that area. We have a ranch just South of the Grand Canyon Caverns and there are signs of really old construction on the property. Great place to get away from it all and camp. One of these days I want to detect the property.


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No, no gold, I was not into it then, The airtrack drill rigs, hit a cave, while drilling to blast, thats how they found the old indian burrial site. Been a long time, but I think the UofAZ came and did the removal of all the stuff in the cave. Grubstake I was working For MM SUNT Construction back then, we had a 10 mile section of the I-40 back in the 70s

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