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I might be a little slow in getting these posted but you have to give me time to recover from this outing. We really did have a ball this year and the food was outstanding. A lot of times side dishes are forgotten and they are an important part of the meal so thanks to all those that contributed to that extravaganza. Potato salid, corn bread, flour wraps, onions and celentro, mac and cheese, etc. It all helped bring it together.

If the pics are a little fuzzy around the camp fire its because everyone was a little drunk and the lies and tall stories were flying around abundently, of course that was after the little ones went off to bed. Sarge was in rare form and I almost peed myself (or maybe I did) a couple of times. The kids had a ball too with their flying marshmellow missles, and the dogs also got so many snacks they thought they were in dog heaven.

Barb came in Saturday night and was delighted with the crowd, they made her feel good and she smiled and laughed a little with us before she left for home. Patrick made a special cake for her but I didnt get a chance to get a picture before it was devored. May God bless her and you guys keep praying and think positive for Bill and family.

Old Tom


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Looks like a great trip. We'll have to try to make the next one for sure. Blake, that rig you have is unreal. I didn't think you could out do the blue Mack truck you brought out before.

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