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Multi Million Up For Grabs!!!!!!!!

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Some where in Colorado!

One of the clues is where the water runs warm.

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The treasure hasn't been found.

So Home lets find it.

All of the clues are in this poem.

Supposedly the treasure is located north of Santa Fe New Mexico in the mountains.

The Poem

This poem written by Forrest Fenn contains nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of his rainbow and the treasure. Happy Hunting!

As I have gone alone in there
And with my treasures bold,
I can keep my secret where,
And hint of riches new and old.

Begin it where warm waters halt
And take it in the canyon down,
Not far, but too far to walk.
Put in below the home of Brown.

From there it's no place for the meek,
The end is ever drawing nigh;
There'll be no paddle up your creek,
Just heavy loads and water high.

If you've been wise and found the blaze,
Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
Just take the chest and go in peace.

So why is it that I must go
And leave my trove for all to seek?
The answer I already know,
I've done it tired, and now I'm weak.

So hear me all and listen good,
Your effort will be worth the cold.
If you are brave and in the wood
I give you title to the gold.

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I wonder if there is a generating plant close by., warm waters halt,,,,hmm....

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That's why i was asking if there were a power plant north of Santa Fe. The story says they think it's North of Santa Fe. Weird. Normally when you have coal generating plant you have a lake near by that has warm water because they use it for cooling..

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