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New Mexico gold

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This is my first try posting a pic, hopefully it shows up. I got this in three days digging on a hillside in southern New Mexico. Probably about ten to twelve hours of actual digging. The rest of the time was spent hiking in and out, taking pics, taking a break from shoveling or chasing down my dog when she wandered off.

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I'm headed back out tommorow morning, going to camp out to save on gas, and enjoy the warm weather that's finally got here. I've got several more spots that look really promising so I will post pics of it when I get back to town and pan through everything.

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Haven't had time to take pics yet but I finally found my first nugs in the drywasher, now my glass vial really makes some noise when I shake it. Also where I've been digging finding tons of old square cut nails, a door hinge, an old unfired bullet, and a 62 Roosevelt dime.

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Here's some pics finally. Some miscellaneous stuff I dug up while drywashing, a hinge, a bunch of nails, a few bolts, a nut, a hammer head and what looks like part of a hammer/hatchet head. Also found an old unfired bullet and a Roosevelt dime in this same hole. And a pic of one of my best bugs, I've found several close to this size and one that looks bigger but this one weighs more.

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