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Yah ... The luv just makes me tingle all over ... or is that tremble all over ... not from fear but the jitters before the fire fight! This administration is very dangerous! Lock, Load and Unite to put down the oppressors ... Remember the Constitution says the government is in place at our convenience not theirs ... despite what the leftist 'news' sources want us to believe! Our fore fathers dealt with the oppressors with force ... I fear we will have to repeat history at some point in the not too distant future!

Mike F

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You maybe correct if this North Carolina Police Lt is telling to truth in this interview, his interview starts around the 11 minute mark, if this is the truth it's very frightening to say the least!!!


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I know for a fact, that THEY ARE planning to exterminate 4 of the 6 billion people on this planet.

And they have to start with us first because we're the only nation on the planet that made the huge mistake

of allowing it's citizens to own firearms. Barry will declare marshal law, that will trigger a civil war, which in

turn will trigger WW III. after all, we have perfected the ability to murder ourselves by the millions In short periods of time.

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