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Getting loaded and ready

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The Varmint season is fast approching and it is time to get things loaded and make ready to bust a few caps on the Gophers and Prairie Poodles. When you don't load for awhile all that brass catches up with you. All the brass has been de-primed and primer hole uniformed, the inside flash hole de-burred, cases trimmed to length, tumbled and polished, cases primed and ready for powder and bullets most of which are 223 and the others are 308. total a little over 1200 rounds. (takes some time). My shooters in the field will be bottom post-227-0-38980900-1361745120_thumb.jpg

Savage Mdl 93R17 cal. 17 HMR topped with a BSA Sweet 17 4-12x40 good for 10 to 100 yards. next up is a

Cooper Mdl 21 cal.223 topped with a Vortex Vipor HS 4-16x44w/BDC good for those shots 100 to 300 yards. and on top is a

CZ Mdl 550 cal.308 topped with a Vortex Vipor HS 4-16x44 LR w/BDC for those shots 300 to 600+ yards.

My reloading bench with most of what is being reloaded post-227-0-80665100-1361745201_thumb.jpg

Will try to get some video this year. Last year the fires kept us out of most places in the state.

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Hey Allen I love doggie huntin. I shoot them here in az, not as many as you, but I just got me a couple of new guns, one savage/204ruger and a howa/22-250. I reload and im pushin 32gr bullit 4300fps. I can hardly wait. the tannerite and peanut butter sounds fun Ill try it too.

Happyness is a fine red mist! :wee:

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