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hi from the new guy

ny gold

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Hello all . I want to try a little gold panning with my kids this summer. Just wondering what kind of pans I should buy ?

I live in ny on 16 acres about 5 miles from lake Erie. I have a decent size creek running through my land.I know probabaly not much here but I have read that the glaciers brought some gold with them as they pushed through , just looking for fun.

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Hello from White Plains, New York! You can get started with a deluxe gold pan kit from Garrett - I'm sure Bill can hook you up, a five-gallon plasic bucket from Home Depot, and a shovel. Don't look for more than a few flakes though here in New York - Good Luck!

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Welcome to the forum,

Most all typical gold pans are much the same, some are a little better than others, it usually comes down to what you learned with and size.

That being said, I like to use a 14" to 16" pan with a wide flat bottom for initial panning, and then I will use a much smaller 10" or smaller pan when I get down to a very small amount of material in my pan (usually referred too as a cleanup pan), but I only use the smaller pan for fine gold, for big gold I just stick with the primary pan.

Now for you and your kids, I would recommend a 14" for you and if your kids are very young 12 or less I would go with a 10" pan, and a 12" to 14" if they are older than around 12.

I would also recommend that you do a search on YouTube for panning videos so ya'll get to watch as many panning demos as possible to help with the learning curve of panning for gold.

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Be warned!! When young folks catch gold fever it's hard to cure as most of them prefer to live with the disease.

I always prefered the classiic steel pan but plastic hadn't beem invented when I started prospecting. I can see vactions out west in the making.

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