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Russ heads to the Claim With one of the forum members

Scott W.

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Thanks Bill. It was a great day just to be in AZ today.

Hey Scott. Too bad you had to work. I was looking forward to watchin' you dig man. :ROFL:

I started carrying a 1/2" lithium ion drill with some diamond tipped concrete drill bits :idea: when I saw what happened to Russ's pick. I didn't need it today but I did dig :Diggin_a_hole: enough holes to get a blister :cry2: and a pocket full of nails. :grr01:

Russ dug some deep holes too -- with that fancy new imported pick handle. He gave me the bottom half of the old one to use as a fish wacker. :5bat: I sure hope he got lucky after we parted ways because up to that point he had the skunk too.

The good news Scotty, is I'll be hanging around for a while and next time you get to be the guide. :thcongratsflwrs:

Meanwhile, we'll just have to wait for a full report from Russ... :pop:

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Thanks for the good luck Bill, I did have a little luck towards the end of the day.

I invited Slim to our claims today hoping we could get over a nice nugget, it wasn't meant to be today but I'm sure Slim will tell you there's still plenty of targets that need to be dug.

It was great to meet Slim and Nugget and spend some time detecting together. :arrowheadsmiley: It's nice to put a face on a long time forum member. I was nursing a cold and a bit of a sore throat :sickbyc: so not up to par today.

I did manage 3 small nuggets after we parted ways at a SS patch not even John B. knows about. :200: (The SS stands for super secret!) :4chsmu1: The smallest nugget come from a different patch than the nuggets with caliche on them, there in the same neighberhood.

Next time I'll drag Scotty along and we can sit on the bank and eat popcorn and watch him dig! :Diggin_a_hole:

Put that fish wacker to good use that's suppose to be some exoitic Assie hard wood. :Just_Cuz_15:


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