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highbanker with a trammel topper


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still have to upload some video the little I got Saturday. had two friends lined up to help dig and video on Sunday but I got lazy and left some stuff over night thinking it mite be alright. but some how most of it ended up in the river. Dang it. Sunday started walking up to the spot and I look over and see my bucket floater on the other side of the river about a 1/4 mile down stream from where we were headed. then we start seeing buckets. Dang it again. then we get to the spot it's all gone except my con's. they where hidden better the rest had to been tossed in I think. not only where the buckets full of boulders and miner moss , black rib mating trammel feeder tray but it was tied to the floater and a tree and gone... but that's what you get for leaving stuff. :grr01: Did find 2 of 4 buckets miner moss and the floater but with no black rib matting and the feeder tray it was a bust on Sundays videos

but I got some pic's of Saturdays run of 16 five gallon buckets of 1/2" rock. the pic's are of the black rib matting panned down :thumbsupanim




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well sorry lost most of Fridays video on the build but here the test run in the shop and Saturdays dig

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