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before you buy a Mining Claim in Alaska


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Hello Everyone,

I'm new on here and looking to find out if anyone has or knows anyone that has bought an offshore claim in Nome, AK.? I know most of you are detector specialist. But we all know one or more types of miners. Ive seen a few miners taken to the cleaners in nome and would like to see it stopped or at least help educate some.

I can guide a prospective buyer or anyone how to research a claim and its location as to the gold bearing ground of the Nome Area.

Please ask if interested.

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The DNR has received numerous inquiries about how to obtain a gold claim offshore of Nome, Alaska. These inquires are from viewers of the Discovery Channel’s reality series - ‘Bering Sea Gold’. Many of the viewers who have contacted DNR have indicated they would like to acquire their own gold claim in the Bering Sea so they could mine their claim like the miners in the series. This is not the case (see below).

The DNR had an offshore lease sale at Nome in fall 2011. The Discovery Channel was at the Lease Sale. The DNR will likely not have another lease sale offshore of Nome until these leases expire in 2021. Gold claims cannot be acquired offshore of Nome, only leases in specific areas are ever issued.

Because of the mild interest in gold at Nome the past number of years, the DNR created an offshore recreational mining area (320 acres in size) in 1998 east of Nome. Because of the substantial interest in gold at Nome with the significant recent increase in the price of gold, the DNR created another offshore recreational area (250 acres in size) in 2010 west of Nome.

Regardless of what the Discovery Channel Series may convey, gold claims in the Bering Sea are not available for the public to acquire. The only areas for the public to mine are the above two recreational mining areas. These areas have limitations however, and can only accommodate recreational dredges. If you are interested in these areas, please refer to the links in the right hand column on this page to obtain further information about mining in these recreational areas.


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Keep in mind. Steve who runs the big barge told mr if it was not for the show money he would not have made it. He is running the biggest operation. If he is having issues what makes you think you can do it. The guys on that show are making a living from the show not on recovered gold

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Being a veteran of Nome myself(still hold claims inland)...these prior posts are right on the money. forget the darn TV show, because reality it ain't.

you would be lucky to get enough gold off that beach to pay for gas and grub.

out there are some very good inland areas that still carry a lot of color, but you can bet they are all claimed. Nome is an awesome place to visit... but don't expect to make any money without your own claim, and even then it will take you a few years to pay off your claims and equipment AND turn a profit. Where will the price of gold be by then? if you want to go for adventure....go have a blast! If your goal is to get rich quick.......forget it

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Actually some of the show ,the last one anyhow is reality based,bunch a guys drunk,broke,freezing and starving to death crappn' in buckets livn'n' filth and slime yup that's about right. My bud Leonard spent 10 days 2 years ago in LL and didn't like it at all and hightailed it outta there right fast like and cancelled the rest a the trip as thieves,fights and such was just toooo much-John :th:

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