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gold bug 2 detecting today

boulder dash

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Well Frank C and I got out today for a hunt. We had a great time and the weather was great till a super storm rolled up on us and we had to call the game early. Sorry to say Frank did not get over any gold. Frank I think they were under all those volcanic rocks. Detected close to 29 baby nugs today all the rest were found by eye sight 5 were sunbakers ready for the bottle. Total for the trip 1.3 grams


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My hat is off to you :2drink:

I truly had the pleasure of watching the KING of the Dinks :thumbsupanim extract all those pieces.
Quite a job you did today Congrats. You should be proud.

Next time out its MY TURN :brows: I've been nuggetless for maybe better than 2 weeks an its killin me.
Ya start to wonder what one sounds like :89:

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Great haul Wade, they don't make em' small enough that you can't sniff them out. See you at the rendezvous.

Old Tom

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I too have witnessed the awsome power of BD first hand.

He does a ritual of moving knobs and pumping his detector up and down....then thunder

booms and no nugget, dink, picker or flake is safe for miles.

Its quit a fantastic spectical to behold :)

Way to go bud! You sure got a lot of em.

Cya next weekend.

Tom H.

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mansyrup, use headphones, stay in all metal mode, adjust the threshold tone so you can just hear it and its steady, ground balance as often as every 5 feet if necessary, keep your coil even with the ground, cover your swings a few time nice and steady and low to the ground and stay on the bedrock! you'll be surprised how small of pieces you'll find. dig any signal that is constant, learn the difference between hot ground/rock and a real signal. a real signal will be more zippy and more constant. hope this helps.

looks good bolder dash!

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Wow BD, i love to spend a day watchn you and hearing what your hearing. Im with the others id rather find small ones than nothing at all. A few questions:

Small coil of course?

Is the ground very mineralized?

Any idea what kind of weights they run? my smallest was 3 grains and yours look smaller.

Do you recover each target or ever take scoops of dirt and pan it out?

Recovery device? hand or nugget cup

i spent months debating over my gm4b or a gb2, shoulda bought the gb2 15+ years ago, lol.

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Robber yes I only use the small coil. The ground was granite with a few hot areas that had clay. I knew there was lots of small stuff so I chased any and all signals. I would say 15 spots was just the ground tricking me. As for the weights they were to small for my scale. I Recover each and every target I like to blow sand my eyes and see each piece in bedrock. I have been known to use a Lucky green scoop. You can not use your hand the bug is much to sensitive. Use your hand for other things...like digging. I went back on Monday and drywashed the exact same place. I posted those results over on the prospecting forum.

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