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NWA 7034 ( Black Beauty ) is avaibale for sale !

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Frank, Black Beauty is a beautiful Martian meteorite. Matt Morgan has some nice pics at MileHigh meteorites and some for sale. Lots of new information came from that meteorite.


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Precisely if ya have somethin to sell meet the criteria on the forum an post it in the classifieds.
I think you'lll need a few more posts first thou.
Its a shame your so excited in this piece of space rock that you have but you can't share any photos.


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Hello , i have a piece of the black beauty about 35 gr one piece main mass for sale with good price ! so if somone are serious to buy contact to see pics in private . thanks


As mentioned by Frank above, in the future and after you have at least 10 postings, you'll have to post "For Sale Items" in the Classified section, and please read the guidelines rules for posting in that section!!

I don't think you will get much action on selling your specimen via this topic since you don't want to post pictures and or a price, so I will not delete this topic since it seems to be amusing to our members,

Might I suggest you change your tactics if and when you get your 10 postings under your belt please post topics such as this one in the correct section!! :brows:

Your friendly Nuggetshooter Administrator :4chsmu1:

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Dr. Carl Agee, NMU and Matt Morgan (Kerf Industries) have been posting pictures of this stone on FB. Kerf Industries has an awesome wire saw that can cut larger stones with ease, without deforming metal and such.

Here is a nice article on Black Beauty. At first, some thought this specimen was the only one. The nomads and and dealers in Morroco quickly came up with more.


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Guys, read Bill's rules posted at the beginning...he clearly allows selling meteorites on this forum, as part of the forum process and without the usual critera for posting as in the want ads...

nonetheless...if the offer is real there should be a price and pic's...not some slick, secret offer...


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