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New claim filed, dredge outta mothballs, just add water


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Ok guys, I got drywasher ready and it rained, got highbanker/dredge ready and it's startin to snow, I'm goin out if I gotta start a fire to melt the snow to run the pump dammit. Or I guess go down the hill and go beepin and leave the Bradshaws for a little while longer. Well poop


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Well at least ya ain't wimpn' out and ready for purt' near anythang mama nature can throw at ya. I have 3 dredges,1 highbanker , 3 detectors,4 extra engine combos and still feel light on equipment as currently no drywasher.... :idunno: what can I say....us boys(old farts) jus' gotta have ALL them toys- :old: John

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