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The Arizona Leaverite rockhound club is doing a trip to the Hauser Geode Beds near Blythe, California on March 1st-3rd. Everyone is welcome to participate as this is open public land. This is mainly a get together with other rockhounds and seeing what we can dig up. Below are the details and if you need additional information please send me a pm on this forum.

Hauser Geode Beds Field Trip

We are planning a trip to the Hauser Geode Beds on Friday March 1st through Sunday March 3. We will meet at 8am Friday morning in the Lowe’s parking lot located at 13191 West McDowell Road Goodyear, AZ 85395. This is just north of the I-10 on the west side of Dysart Road. We will promptly leave at 8:30am so don’t be late. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is not required for this trip however you should at least have high clearance.

For people that are not able to depart on Friday we have a secondary meeting place established. We will be at the secondary meeting place at 10am on Saturday and will wait there until 10:30 am. Please make sure you give yourself ample time to make it to the meeting place because cell phone coverage in this area is poor to nonexistent. To get to the meeting location you need to take I-10 west to Wiley’s Well Road (33.607823°, -114.901609°). From Wiley’s Well Road proceed south approximately 13.1 miles (33.429898°, -114.903008°). At this location there is a turn to the right (west) with a BLM sign that says “Hauser Geodebeds Area”. Turn right (west) and proceed approximately 4.5 miles west staying on the main road. Our meeting place will be at the Y intersection (33.413545°, -114.969403°).

The Hauser Geode Beds are located in the Black Hills southwest of Blythe, California and consist of many different geode beds. The area has been a well know collecting site since the early 40’s but still is a productive area. The area is know for its geodes but also has other materials such as opalite and agate. In addition Opal Hill is a pay-to-mine location for Fire Agate. The road to Opal Hill is very bad and you need a high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle. We are not planning on going to Opal Hill it is in the area if you are interested. Also additional information on the Hauser Geode Beds can be found at http://www.nuggetwranglers.net/hauser_geode_beds.htm.

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I was a frequent visitor in the '80s when I lived in Demming ,NM. The "Geode Kid" turned me on the his discovery of the Black & White beds. For a view of some of the geodes found there do a search for the Geode Kid, his collection is displayed in the Demming, NM museum, faboulas stuff. A lot of them are posted on line.

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As far as I know he is sill alive, his shop was less than 2 miles from where i lived in Demming.

I am trying to post a picture of one from Rockhound State Park that 2 of my friends dug at the top and dollyed it down.


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I had also planned to be at the LSD outing and I had scheduled this trip for the prior weekend. Due to other issues I had to change the dates and since I am the trip leader I have no choice but to go. We have a few fluorite trips coming up that you maybe interested. A group is also going to Deming the following week for the Rockhound Roundup and plan to hit a few of the dig sites. It sounds like a fun trip but I will not be able to go on that one.

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