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Dale District wins again


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Went out to my favorite stomping grounds this Sunday for a day of metal detecting. The Dale District beat me again. So far it's skunks 11 nuggetts 0. :grr01: This weekend I was given a extra dose of humility by Dale. Half hour before dark, I get my truck stuck. I did my best to dig and stack rocks before dark, but after a 12 hour day of hiking around, I was already on my last leg. So, it was a long boring night in the desert for me. Just couldn't get it out this morning and had to hike out to the highway :th: . Got a 4x4 tow company to come and get me out. Boy, my wifes cookin' and a shower never felt so good. Prospecting... not just a hobby, a adventure.

Can't wait to get out again :thumbsupanim .

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Oh man....I feel your pain!

Ive done the lonesome hike in the past when I was younger.

3 weeks ago I did a 3 mile one as the quad decided to leave me stranded.

INFO NOTE.....get a HiLift jack. It can really lift a truck up.

Im looking into getting a little 80cc dirt bike to throw on the back of the 4runner. Dont feel much like hiking out these days :)

Glad you made it out and your gonna get some yellow here soon.....youve paid your dues :)

Tom H.

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I was out at the Dale this morning at daylight. It is a 3 hour drive for me. I got the skunk but I could have gotten you. I was near the Black Jack but didn't see anyone. I took the Trooper to the Bowl and got down next to the turquoise and thought it would be tough getting out but I was fine. There are some of those roads I won't drive.


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Go to your local carpet store and go out back to their dumpster. Get some carpet remenents and cut into 2-3' wide strips at least 8 ' long. They make great extractors as much traction provided in sand, mud and gradient problems. In a pinch not bad to sleep on either in emergency or putting on snow clains sure beats lying in the ice snow to perform that nasty act also. When stuck they also provide great cool shade in the truck bed instead of sweating to death in a steel cab. One mans trash has been my savior on a few occasions :thumbsupanim John

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