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Miners needed Court Case Quincy, CA Feb 20 1:30 PM

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We need miners to fill the courtroom in Quincy, CA this coming Wednesday Feb 20th in support of Brandon Reinhart (I'm not sure of the spelling) who was cited for suction dredge mining on the Feather River last summer. James Buchal, the miners attorney has taken this case on and the miners need to support fellow miner Brandon and also pitch in some funds to compensate James Buchal for the time he has donated for this case.

We need to fill the courtroom and also have miners outside with signs if possible. It needs to be an orderly crowd, but we need to show the court that all the miners are upset at the ongoing railroading of the miners.

I need volunteers to help me call miners in neighboring counties to see if they can show up at the hearing.

My email is minerrick@theminingalliance.com contact me and I can give you a few phone numbers to call other miners.



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Report is Judge Kaufman said "i don't care what your case is or what the facts are, I'm going to find you guilty then you can pay the fine or apeal but either way It gets me out of making a tough descision". I'll post more when I can verify some information.

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