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my first real nugget :)))


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hello guys today i am been on some field near my creek where i hear that have Roman bricks in soil, that its indicate roman house its been there. i hit few coins, and tha suprise its come. i got week signal, almous i decide to past it, but some inside tells me to dug it. dont got number id of target, but i still go for it. and than when i find targert in my plastic skupe i almous sit back on my ass. i see this beauty ;-)))post-26563-0-31887100-1361041839_thumb.jpost-26563-0-24604900-1361041845_thumb.j

i not mesure it, becouse i dont go home, i first come in town to share my pics with you guys. i am so happy.

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thanks Steve, coins its trash, no value but this little beauty its maybe 2g. its realy good fealing to find nugget, best its that now i know that there its nuggets too, not only flakes, dust, small micro nuggs... nuggets its in game and now its time for serious nuggetshooting. and best of it its that there its roman site on same place, so i can hit 2 flys with one hit

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Man, thats a awsome find!

Coins and gold?? WOW!

What country are you in?

Fantastic finds.....good luck and hope you

find a lot more.

Tom H.

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I am still working on my first, unassisted nugget. Congratulations. I can feel your happiness in the words you wrote.



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It has been a fun trip with you my friend as you became a gold miner and from day one I know "this" day would come! You have what it takes to be very good in this business and is is a blast being a part of watching you progress. Nice gold my friend, Salute!

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thanks my dear friends, this its not only mine succes, all you was part of this. without you and your help and advices, nothing of this dont heapens. probably i even dont decide to buy detector...

special thanks its going to Bill, he was spark from where all start. couple of used gold pans that he send me as gift its been initiation in world of prospecting, and its ends with this. losing virginity in nuggetshooting world ;-))) Salute its going to you Bill!

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