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People not filling holes....

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Seems like nobody has to obay the rules 'cept me. :grr01:

Really tired of it. :2mo5pow:

I don't refill holes 'cause they're mine, on my claim.

Winter runoff takes care of that issue. :brows:

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And that's the kind of stuff that pisses me off beyond reasonable thought...

I believe myself to act in a responsible manner while off highway be it in my truck or any other vehicle I'm driving. And I become a lecturer to drivers/riders around me trying to educate folks on responsible use of public lands in order to keep them open.

I've been in some harrowing situations out in the dirt and don't want to revisit them, but will if the need arises.

I do see it that most of the problem users I see out there are, in order:

Quad riders


"Pre runner" style trucks

Stock full size trucks and SUVs

Homebrew modded vehicles (you know them when you see them)

Stock Jeeps

It appears that folks who take prudence in their vehicle, also tend to take pride in enjoying and responsibly using public lands.

By the way, that hole Sarge was in was on a Roadrunner claim in Morristown. We tried knocking some edges off it, but were not members at the time and didn't want to be accused of having anything to do with it. It wasn't on a route of any sort, thankfully.

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Not so long ago I went through a long mind numbing - boggling sampling permitting process with USFS to bulk sample a placer claim with a backhoe. I took great pains to construct the Plan of operation - to have ZERO individual or cumulative environmental impact. In other words - once completed - there would be no visible evidence the sampling project ever took place (not even toilet paper - left on site) + posted a reclamation bond.

All over that placer claim is massive indisputable visible evidence of fresh off road paths, trails, primitive roads, doughnut spinning areas, jumps of various height, steep uphill climbs, high angle curve side hill cuts all caused by motorcycle - Quad - 4WDL drivers just having fun, that requires no Permit.

36 CFR § 228.4 Plan of operations—notice of intent—requirements.

(1) A notice of intent to operate is not required for:

(v) Operations, which in their totality, will not cause surface resource disturbance which is substantially different than that caused by other users of the National Forest System who are not required to obtain a Forest Service special use authorization, contract, or other written authorization;

If the above regulation was true, I would not be required to permit my sampling project. As the ground disturbance caused by motorcycle - Quad - 4WDL drivers every year on the same site is 10,000 times the impact of my operation. Sadly, it just isn’t so.

I have nothing against motorcycle - Quad - 4WDL drivers. But, am irritated they can do about whatever they want, on a mining claim I own & I cannot.

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Until it is all closed except for fee areas likely Blake, another way into our pockets. Out at LSD I have watched dozens of new off road trails blazed by these fools.

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