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Nokta Velox one metal detector question

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hello dear friends. i am been today in new detector shop in my country and they have Nokta Velox one metal detector. its much deeper detector than one i have, and i thinks that i need one with deeper penetration. does anyone of you have expirience with that detector, to tells me more abouth it?

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Haderly is correct ING....if you wish to go deeper then buy a larger coil for the machine that you have....with

your machine you can find gold and coins.....get a larger coil ( the largest made for your machine)....learn

your detector very well before trying to find the magic one.....they all do the same thing....some just better

than others....

Tomorrow I'll try to see the Fisher dealer here where I live and ask him if he has a larger coil for the DP.....

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There's a S.E.F. 38 cm X 30 cm (approximately 15" by 12") search coil for the Goldbug DP at this site,


and they have a video that says you can get 30% more depth with this coil over the stock 11" DD coil that comes with the detector.

That being said I don't know of any VLF detector that is going to detected anything at the depth of 39" to 47" (100 cm to 120 cm) that you need, that's pretty deep even for a Minelab GPX 5000 when it comes to coin size objects!!!


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I agree Skip on the 30% more depth on coin size targets but at least it is a good improvement over the

stock coil....that would be my decision to go with the larger coil for the DP instead of buying another

machine and then spend time learning the new coil and detector combination to it's fullest advantage....

A question....will a mono coil work on the DP?

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i see it. i thinks that SEF coils its not bad choice, just need to chek price, and than to strat fight to kolect money to buy one.

when i thinks better, i start already, have good pics, will post it in minit or 2 just to my phone get some power in batery.

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