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Russian rockets shoot down meteorite?

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10 ton meteorite injures 500. I never heard ABC mention anything about missiles. And not related to the asteroid that will pass close to earth today.


They say if you're in a viewing area you can watch it with a pair of binoculars or small telescope. Lower section of link above.

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Blake that is funny , That big one going buy today may have a lot of smaller ones traveling with it, so keep your eyes on the sky for the next day or so there could be more of this kind of thing, The meteor site has had a lot of postings the past few months , they seem to be increasing in activity. well maybe http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com/

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Did you see the door get blown off its hinges? 1 mili second and it was flat on the foundation. I wonder if the impact was actually in the city or out in the woods somewhere.

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HI Garimpo,

good point; thinking a Russian rocket hit that meteorite is just silly.

It is just as ridiculous to put up a topic entitled

"Russian rockets shoot down meteorite?"

without checking the facts out.

It simply promotes misinformation

and we certainly have enough misinformation floating around already.

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Ha ha ha ...Omg , I love the picture of the meteorite still on fire .....what a loser! He has 5 sales and two of them were BS lmao

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