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GMT or MXT or MXT Pro ???? Differance


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What is the main difference between GMT and MXT and MXT proicon_scratch.gif

Why didn't they just make one.

I want to hunt gold in colorado rocky mt

I like the GMT but would spend the extra cash if i need to.

I kinda went from buying a gold bug 2 witch will do the ob to this because i realize i could get more of a multi purpose unit that i would be able to use it in Fl also.thumbsup.gif

I have only been researching detectors for a week, but heavy every day and night so i have learned a lot but still not enough to make a decision.


I am kina jumping ship from buying a Gold Bug 2 for a more versatile unit.

Just need to know how to decide between GMT or MXT or MXT Pro is the main question

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If you really want a multi purpose machine for hunting the beaches, then go with the MXT and an additional smaller loop for nugget hunting. It's not as sensitive to the small gold nor will it handle as bad a ground as the GMT. BUT, it is much more versatile. Full coin hunting mode with ID and depth reading. Separate gold hunting mode, all metal with good iron ID.

The major difference between the standard MXT and the Pro is the size of the loop. Larger loop, more depth, primarily designed for the coin and relic hunter. From what I understand, the gold in Colorado is pretty small so you need the sensitivity rather than depth.

Digger Bob

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I am just now after a week within an Hour of buying MXT Pro.

Was told the 4"x 6" coil will do gold as good as any of the other

And the ^"x10" for the bigger one's.

Is yours the Pro model or just MXT

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Well i am kinda bouncing a little bit but seams i should order MXT Pro with both the 6X10 DD and 4X6 DD coils and coil covers.

Sorry for the above type.

I am getting excited but want to make the right choice.

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Thanks azdigger but with going back to Fl and if not good for salt i would of made a huge mistake so i am kinda forced to go with the MXT Pro.

And also really like the idea of using it for other things

Getting close to pulling the trigger.

Just would like to know about the coil choice's more.

Looks like i have to go with both the 6X10 DD and 4X6 DD coils and coil covers.

Also looking at Battery acc and the metal strap that goes on it to use when setting it down.

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For what it is worth if I had to have just one extra coil for the MXT and I was wanting to make it as hot on gold as possible to get it closer to GMT type performance I would get the 4" x 6" shooter coil. Great little coil not only for gold but working trashy locations of any sort. Bt a good coil for fining chains and earrings on beaches.

Steve Herschbach


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Well if i have it right this is what i am going to buy.

I found a guy that has MXT Pro with both the 6X10 DD and 4X6 DD coils and coil covers.

If i understand correctly lot of guys hunting in hot ground use the 6" x 10" DD coil, suppose to be better choice than the stock concentric coil, while the 4" x 6" Shooter DD coil is the way to go to enhance the MXTs small gold capability like you said, it is good for around i think 4 inche's and should be ran HOT.
Last choice to make is what to use for FL and the beach 9x5 ??? or should i use something else.
I am going to try a pair of these White's pro star Head Phone's.
Do i need that accessory strap little piece of metal to set detector down on and what about battery, do i need to upgrade it to there rechargeable.
Hopefully this will do it
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The stock coil will probably be the way to go on low mineral Florida beaches. Or the little shooter coil if hunting micro-jewelry.

The stock coil versus 6" x 10" boils down to ground mineralization and target density. There are no pat answers on coils. What works depends on what you are doing. That is why they make so many.

You do not need the little stand all that much but it will not hurt. I always use rechargeables but I detect a lot. Only worth investing in if you are really going to get in serious hours at this. If you do it get White's NiMH package not the older Nicad system. The NiMH setup has orange decals on the battery, NiCads have a green sticker.

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Steve ... I still use my green stickered NiCad pack from back in 1998 ... originally with my old DFX and now with my MXT ... is there a problem waiting to happen with the NiCad pak being used in the MXT?

Mike F

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