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Looking for permission to drywash

Caliche Chris

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I'm located in sierra county, NM. I've been trying to find someone who would let me do some dry washing on their claim in the area. I have my own drywasher, necessary tools and transportation. I'm looking to find a spot where I could dig and give the claim owner a percentage of whatever I find. I would be willing to comply with any boundaries or directions from the claim owner, for example, only digging in certain areas, and documenting exactly where/and how much I dig with a camera. I've met several claim owners around here, but so far none have been open to the idea. I understand, of course, if I had my own claim I would be very choosy about who I let dig there. Especially if I didn't know them. However, I do know that some of the claims around here are rarely if ever worked. It seems like it would be a mutually beneficial arrangement for someone who doesn't have the time or energy to work their ground because I would be getting gold for them AND finding out what is and isn't good spots to dig on their claim. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions, thanks.

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Frank, B.B. has giving me a lot of info about this area that otherwise would've taken me months ( if not longer) of clumsy beginner mishaps before I started learning the ropes around here. He definitely knows his stuff, I'm still hoping we will be able to meet up sometime and hit the hills. Thanks for editing my post Au seeker.

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2 good options-post a ad on craigslist or go to the local county recorders office and copy down property owners info-private property owners MUCH easier to gain access than miners,at least in calif/nev/org for me anyhow--John

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