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Don ... It behooves anyone who has made the conscious decision to carry a firearm ... concealed or open carry ... to know his/her firearm and not only how to use it but to practice using it regularly. Motor repitition is what made that man do what he was able to do. When practicing at a range it is important to be able to hit the target with regularity from a multiple of positions including stationary and moving while firing. It is also important to be able to shoot from the strong hand/dominate hand only and two handed grip ... but probably more important to be able to shoot from a single weak hand position. If one is right handed they should practice at least a few shots from the left hand alone. The first time you do this you probably won't hit the target and may not even hit the paper ... that is why it is necessary to practice so that you can hit the target with the weak hand when the strong hand is injured during a shootout.

Hope this suggestion saves someone's life ...

Mike F

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