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Counterfeit Minelabs


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Hey gang, I've been reading more and more about fake Minelabs recently. Kinda scares a guy away from Ebay, aye? Once in a while I run across one on Craigs or when traveling. I have been apprehensive about buying one. How would you tell the difference? Rather are there some distinct features that only a genuine unit would have? Thanks for your input.

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You've probably seen this article already.


No doubt there's going to have to be other changes made also since the counterfeiting will get better and better. I think it's going to be a never ending battle considering the money involved.

I think your best bet is to know the seller before you buy.


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Bring to a dealer we have a special gizmo to read the hologram thingy or call Minelab with the serial #. Best bet is buy from only an authorized dealer or the savings you try to get may be a real bummer overall sadly.

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