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just was wondering if anyone knew of another stream in the uinta's beside yellowstone to pan for gold . i have panned/ sluiced up this stream with some color but not a lot. just a fun place to take scouts to show then some small specks of gold just thought if anyone had found another spot they would not mind sharring info i have tried gold hill by whitney and did not find anything, but had fun this last summer there.... if anyone would like to share some info cool if not no big ...

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I've seen some prospect claims for mountainous streams on a map, but the geology doesn't look to good to me. Probably just specs like what you've found, or less. I've also heard the usual fare of old tales, such as one about a miner who went off in the wilderness for several days, stumbled upon a stream that had gold and then not being able to find his way back to it again, not much else that direction in UT. I guess there is also the fabled Rhodes Mine supposed to be somewhere deep under the visible geology of the Uintas. Get the UT gold panning book by Alan Chenworth, well worth the price.

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