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Uncle Marvin says OOUWEE BABY 600 G's

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This is what I get for lettin Uncle Marvin outta the house last week.
He insisted this was a Martian Meteorite. I told him he needs New Eyeglasses !!!!!!! :nutty:
He was runnin around yellin I'm home I'm home :ROFL:
It was the failing batteries in the camera that caused the 1st pic to show the meteorite with a Martian Red color.
He argued but I knew it right off and changed the batteries.
ANYWHO this is a genuine 600 Gmr or as close as it gets. It lost a couple grams with moisture evaporation 588 plus
Some large regmaglyphs and lots of black still on this baby's crust.
WHO SAID THERE JUST AIN'T ANYMORE BIGUNS OUT THERE :2mo5pow::brows: :brows: :brows: :brows:

OUWEE What a signal with that 12x24 NF ADV. and the Ol Turdy 5 hundred an DEEP TOO :Diggin_a_hole:

It sure made up :D for a weeks camp/hunt and only 3 dinks of ol yeller untill this baby surfaced.

Now for my next trick, OOPS I mean GOAL :old::head: :head: :head:

Never give up :tisk-tisk: PERSEVERANCE is the KEY.





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Aloha Frank,

Yep, u r going to need to put a leash on that little guy sooner or later. WOW! Anything even close to 600 grams is sweet. I am also guessing that it is from Gold Basin? If so that makes it even sweeter.

Dang, sure miss getting out into the desert BUT cant legally drive anymore with my vision loss. Poor jeep is just sitting under the carport looking very despondent. May end up either giving it to my niece or selling it pretty soon.

Aloha and put Marvin in a jar with a tight lid to keep him quiet. :brows:

Stan aka Kaimi

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Sweet! Great find Frank!

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