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Anyone using one of these Turbo pans Likes dislikes


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HA ha ha ha ha... I may have seen it all now. Don't bother with it, a wall-mart pie pan in the right hands will do better. Its just another case of mining the Miner. Some things improve with technology like detectors but the basic pan cannot be bettered by adding silly arcs or making it into a "Hex" etc... Learn to work a pan and you will be fine even with a pie pan.

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Ditto, "...just another case of mining the Miner. " :arrowheadsmiley:

Just a plain ol' "steel pan" has worked well in my family for over a hundred years now.

I've been using mine, same pan, for over 45 of thoses years. :old:

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It is funny you guys mention that because my mom told me her dad and grandpa showed her how to pan years ago.

When i ask her if she knew how to use a pan yesterday she told me that it was easy to do.

So here i am making a fool of myself trying to find some new stuff with pan technology.

I am so excited i just want to buy some stuff.

It is a good thing i found this forum because i would of spent 2 grand by now.

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I wonder if that thing started out as a jello mold?

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He made a few very large models of this pan. I saw one used at the Calif State Panning championships and it beat the heck out of traditional pans. Just sayin, and yes, I believe most new gizmo pans are methods developed to mine the miners.. Still, my go to pans are the garret line

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