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some more dinks


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Dinks, fines, nugs.....any day you find some gold and not get skunked is a gooooood day.

The skunks are ok also...least your out in the hills :)

Glad you got some nice nugs there.

GL in the future.

Tom H.

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Well you guys wanted a story so take a seat its story time.....

Well I had a lifted dodge ram 1500 hemi truck. It was pretty nice to look at but had a bunch of issues. Well I wanted to try a new spot out in the bighorn mountain range and drove out there quad in the back and beeped for a few hours with no luck. On the way home I didnt see the bump in the dirt road and when i hit it the quad which was tied down comes and hits the back window. All down and out from being skunked and the freshly broken window I called my brother... Buckeyeboy. Was telling him all about how unlucky I was with the truck and no gold and other crap... well while talking on the phone and driving too fast in the dark in the middle of the night there it was. I didn't see it until i hit it. A black cow on a black road on a black night with a black truck. yeah i hit the cow going about 65. I pulled off to the side of the road and still on the phone with my brother.... DUDE I JUST HIT A FREAKING COW!!!!!! Sad story I know totaled the truck just my luck. Well if one wasn't bad enough less than 30 days later I was heading to gold basin via stockton hill road. I am in my new to me ugly bone stock 1986 toyota pickup. Then i see the sign OPEN RANGE! I put the brights on along with seat belt and both hands on the steering wheel and slowed down to 5 under the limit. YES five under was still too fast....... :cry2: Next thing i know...... BANG wtf was that???????? yup another cow. Whats the first thing i do??? call my brother.... YOU WONT BELIEVE ME IF I TOLD YOU... he says what... you hit another cow?..... :desertsmile: YUP... end of story... sad I know.

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