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what are these please anyone??

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hi all, i have loads of different and unusual looking rocks/stones but dont know for sure what they are. wouldnt mind knowing what i have so i know what im picking up.

here are a cuple for now.

the yellow stone with the tweesers i also pointed a green laser pen through and thats the results in day light and night.

is the metal looking thing some kind of ore?? the last stone has like blisters on it strange looking.










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hi el dorado and thanks for your comment. its from the north sea / holderness coast. i was collecting some fossils and i spoted this stone shimmering in the sun . thought, yep ill have that one haha. is citrine the name for yellow zircon?? also any chance you would know how to value these stones - which i would like to know?!

cheers .

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Dang and I thought yellow jelly beans grew in the water, glad I didn't try and eat one.

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I'm a new member but, I'm a lapadarist in western NC next door to the gemstome capitol of the world. You could have a metiorite or hematite, not citrine. Where do you live? It looks like you have some agate. Here in NC the garnets will turn feldspar,quartz a redishis tint. It take diffrent elements to give stones color. Iron/reed magness/green etc. Yellow stone looks like a weathered piece of quartz. Today we was looking for gold and I was cleaning out a crevice in solid bedrock and low and behold out came a weatherd dime solid orange 1947! Iron in the stream. Hope this helps

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