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Is this good or bad?

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The Sierra Club and other green groups are singing her praise,so take it from there!

Son of a....

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BAD BAD BAD thing.

First Oboma Wanted Her.

Second Refer to the First!

"Salazar returned the compliments, telling the president, "Together we have ushered in a 21st century conservation agenda and preserved the crown jewels of our nation."

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This is a very bad thing since her judgments are bias toward the environments. I would expect future action taken to tailor out all who do not meet the appropriate requirements of out doors person as defined by the Sierra Club and their associates. This is attitude what we face the next 4yrs - “We all understand that compromise is part of the legislative process, yet at the same time, I would submit that wilderness is not for sale.” U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.)

Bottom line: They want it all with no compromise.

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