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Who make's the best Spiral wheel

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gtxkid, on 04 Apr 2013 - 08:11, said:

I was at the last GPAA meeting in Colorado Springs.

You might run across a guy name George where you are working the creek there.

He also has Vortex mating he sells for 11.00 a square foot. Same as what is in the gold cube.

You can take the gold cube's out in the field and also do the same thing you are by using a 3/16 screen or punch plate over the top.

You can run a whole bunch of material threw a gold cube in a day and catch all the gold.

I am glad i bought one, it also gets used by all your friends. Works real good.

I am sure you know about: Alreco Aluminum Surplus

11299 Brighton Road

Henderson, CO 80640-9335 map


(303) 287-7210

They have a lot of aluminum material you can get used and cheep.

You can buy small piece's.

I have all my friend's that have bought from them for years.

I have never been there but have a lot of material that has come from there.

I am welding this week but problem is my welder is down here in FL now.

I will be sending all the fab up sluice's back to CO soon and hope to be in the hills in a couple months.

If you sent me your box i could weld it but i am sure you could ask someone on craigs list to weld it up for you cheep.

I have also like you been learning and find that classification is very very important.

hey thanks for the info I'll have to check them out on day! I've been using C and M a bit closer for both of us but MSI is in Brighton and I have been wanting to stop by and look at there shaker table they make used in the gold rush show

C & M Iron & Metal

2390 W Hampden Ave, Englewood, CO 80110(303) 781-6779

They have new and used plus a junk yard full of old mechanical stuff across the street

I may work a bit more metal in my set up but I dont want the weight.. so far the Poly-carbonate is holding up and the drum is super cheap and easy to build if it ware's out. So for 36 5 gallon buckets of 1/2" rock and doing fine so far.I did lose my mat's but I think I am going to go with Gold Hog matting. I am not.always a cheap skate. I really like those mats for some reason and I believe I'll get what I am paying for.even if I have to buy a second pump. After losing a lot of stuff I Ieft over night the highbanker is getting a upgrade with GH matting and removable trays under the trommle that will also have GH matting. The 1/8" rib matting I glued in caught lots of gold and was hard to get it cleaned out..Maybe I'll have it done when your in town and we can go do some digging. I am getting ready to join the Grand Junction Club They do lots of club dig's in Gateway, Co

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