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Uncle Ron

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Yo All ... Yesterday I decided to go back to Happy Ridge at LSD and try a different approach ... I hadn't found any nuggets there for my last half dozen visits and had pretty much written it off as officially "hammered"...I'd been thinking about how I had hunted it and realized that I probably had made a big mistake ... Previously I'd determined that the gold was only in gray dirt ... So I hooked up my Joey mono to my ML4500 and started hunting a small area of red dirt well below where the original patch was ... Sure enough, about one minute into my hunt, I got a good signal which turned out to be a little cute 0.3 gram dink ... Another 10 minutes of very slow swinging produced a screaming signal from a spot that had cholla and bush hog cacti growing up in a spanish dagger bush ... It was hard getting my pick up in there, and I got a number of cactus spines in my hand and wrist, but finally I had a target in the pile ... Got the target into my scoop and was disappointed to see it was a scrap of an old tin can ... However, I stuck the Joey up into the hole once more and it still was screaming ... I figured I had a buried tin can, but then I realized I had seen that early scrap of metal on my pick magnet before...It had fallen off while I dug the hole ... So I dug down about 10" and finally the screamer was out of the hole ... As I halved the dirt with the scoop, I suddenly heard a solid "clunk" as the target hit the scoop ... Yowza!!! Turned out to be nearly half an ounce chunker ... 8.8 DWT! Great way to end a dry spell ... Cheers, Unc





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I bet you worked pretty carefully around those cactus and catclaw. Good on you Ron, but don't get all the gold before we get there for the outing. That is a nice peice of gold. :-)


Old Tom

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Dang...now thats a good story on finding a nice nugget.
Glad you didnt give up on it as trash :)
Tom H.

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Nice nugget Ron WTG :thumbsupanim I was out there on saturday and seen you zoom by on your atv and on the way out seen your truck with the trailer :4chsmu1: I was beepin with Lon and we both managed to beat the skunk with a couple of dinks but Lons was a little bigger and so he got one of his dollars back :grr01: Mike C... :200:

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Thanks all ... Russ, you are right about the temporary high you get off of finding a good nugget ... I went back out today and sort of surveyed the whole hillside patch and realized that small patch of red dirt was the only area that I had not covered eleven ways from Sunday over the past year ... No targets today at all ... Nugget shooting is like a drug, you get a good high then, after a few days, you get depressed .... :cry2: ... But I still love to rattle the poke, until Dodacious makes me stop so she can hear American Idol !!!! :D /// Cheers, Unc

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Yo, Chris... That Joey mono is one sweet coil ... I've found a butt load of nuggets, both shallow and deep with it ... Thanks for giving me a great deal on it ... (I'm not sure if that is a butt load troy or adv., but it's a great coil) ... :nutty::rolleyes::inocent::wee: Cheers, Unc

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