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I have a budget of 2,000.00 + or- to get going.

My 2 main concerns are the Detector but i have a thread already going on this. Cost me 250.00 to 650.00 ????

Have no idea what i am doing.

Would like to get one of the newer design sluice box's and some tools like what to buy in pans and screens.
My mom is 74 and has been telling me about this place in the Colorado mountains where she was given a big gold nugget. About 1940 to 1945
When she was a little girl she lost it.
Her grandpa told her not to worry because there was plenty more where that came from.
She has paperwork on where it is and is going to pay someone in Denver for something so we can go to the place and look for gold.
I want to take her there before she passes away.
I was never interested in it before because i was so busy but have lost job since then and mom has a short time left.
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Don’t mean to rain on a parade. But, 1st suggest if you know the section, township & range. First check the applicable BLM Master Title Plat, to insure the land is still open to mineral entry. If so, then learn how to use the BLM LR2000 system, to determine if someone has valid mining claims over it. No sense going after something you cannot have, or belongs to someone else.

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Yes my Mom is checking her paperwork with BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT.

She is going up by Crested beute Colorado.

Will know more about it soon.

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DO NOT NEVER EVER NO WAY EVEN POST ANY LOCATION ON THE NET WITHIN A 100 MILES-pay someone??? this ain't a gonna end nice-go to your other post as info there for you--PAY?????? LL NO-John

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